Coaches Jim Walker and Tom Paterson

Jim Walker and Tom Paterson coached a hockey team of local kids that won City and Provincial Championships in 6 consecutive seasons in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Here are a few photos of Jim and Tom's Isaac Brock Hockey Club and the incredible string of success they achieved between 1957 to 1964 with the same core group of players.

Coach Tom Paterson
 Coach Jim Walker
Coach Jim Walker

Here are a few photos from Isaac Brock Community Club hockey rink

Mike Sanderson
Ralph Brooke
Ron MacKenzie
Bruce Jackson
Dave McDonald
Ralph Brooke
Goaltender Gary Thornton

Here are a few photos from the old Winnipeg Arena 

Jim Walker
Gary Thornton
Ralph Brooke
Bruce Jackson
Bill Burns
Roger Bamburak

 Tom Paterson
 Jim Walker went on to coach the St. James Canadians leading them 
to win the Turnbull Cup and was named Coach of the Year in 1968.
 After his success with the St. James Canadians, Jim worked for the Winnipeg Jets (WCHL)
and as a Scout for the Chicago Black Hawks for over 20 years.

 Tom continued to coach hockey and other amateur sports in Winnipeg. 

 Jim and Tom with friends at Polo Park Golf Club
Jim at Tom's Retirement Party in 1994 marking 41 years at MTS

News clips from the Winnipeg Free Press & Tribune

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